Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who we are. Why we're human. Why we're us.

This is the second time I've used 23andMe to teach APG 350: Human Variation at the University of Rhode Island and the second time we've created a blog for folks to voluntarily express themselves publicly.

For anyone who'd like to walk down memory lane, here's the first blog from Spring 2012: DNAnonymous

I'm hoping that students post anything relevant to their experience with 23andMe even if they did not send their spit to California to be genotyped. If not about 23andMe, I hope the posts are relevant to human biological variation or to the anthropological context of it.

I hope they are comfortable being as expressive and creative as they like, here, within some boundaries. Maybe knowing that whatever would fly in class, flies here. That's pretty liberal. But it would be great to share even a glimpse of what happened in our last class (with the presentations) here. (Feel free to post links, photos and videos, guys.)

Expect to find some posts that reflect on our big question for the course, "What makes me human? And what makes me me?"

Perhaps some of the posts here at "human variation style" will fill you in on why that's our title!

Thanks for reading. And students: Thanks for a great semester.

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