Sunday, December 16, 2012

There is not much that can make us different

In the whole of humanity, there is not much that can make us different, there are numerous people who have the same genes as you do or the same traits. However, there is no one who has the exact same combination as you do. My combination is what makes me unique; such as my curly brown hair, average female Anglo-Saxon build and a carrier for hemochromatosis. The shape of my body also sets me apart. I am of 100% European descent, and my skull shows it. I have narrow nasal aperatures, a pointed nasal spine, a narrow and triangular palate, a curved suture between the zygomatic and maxilla, slight overbite and lighter and relatively smaller facial bones (Naples). My teeth would specify my skull as me, because my environment affected how the enamel developed and thickened, and how the teeth came in. I have one chipped upper incisor from when I fell as a child, and forced movement in my teeth from braces. These environmental forces have made my skull change in ways to adapt to them, which separates me from the rest of the world but still connects me with what makes me human and my ability to adapt to my environment.

~Erin Langton

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